Tourism, Hotels and Accommodation facilities: The Influence of One on Another

Of recent, people have had to spend more time working to be able to maintain financial balance in this era of economic meltdown. The effect of the economic meltdown has forced more families and individuals to spend more time working.

The increase in the hours spent at work has culminated into necessary and well deserved vacations. People all over the world now begin to take vacations more seriously than they did before. The way people spend their vacations has also, in more ways than one, changed. They now prefer to spend quality time with family members and also not miss out on exploring various tourism sites across the world. As the tourism industry is experiencing noticeable growth, hotels, lounges and accommodation facilities in in those tourist destinations have also been greatly influenced positively in their services and facilities.

One might want to ask what exactly hotels and accommodation facilities add to tourist destinations. The truth is that hotels and accommodation facilities, to a great extent, determine the popularity of any tourist destination in the world. The relationship between tourism and hotel and accommodation facilities is one that cannot be made to stand one on each side of the table. As the tourist spot of an area develops and attracts more tourist, the hotels and accommodation facilities get more customers.

On the other side of the coin, as the  hotels and accommodation facilities in an area develops and gets better, and provides more comfort to tourists, tourist feel comfortable visiting those locations, thus, making them more popular. The comfort of tourists at hotels and accommodation facilities around the world determines if tourists would be willing to visit the site again or not.

In a situation where the tourist is made to feel at home at the hotel he or she feels most comfortable at the hotel or accommodation facilities, he or she tends to remember the destination and crave another experience of the site. But in a case where the services and facilities of the hotel and accommodation facility is bad and tourists are made to feel uncomfortable, he or she would not look forward to visiting the site again because of experience had at the hotel.


For this reason, hotels and accommodation facilities have focused more attention at providing top notch comfort at a reasonable price to tourists. Hotels and accommodation facilities have taken comfort more importantly than they did before. Hotels and accommodation facilities have also tried to provide services that just not caters for the adults but also for the children visiting. Playgrounds and game centers are provided for children to play while bars, casinos, malls and restaurants are provided for the adults .


The different hotels and accommodation facilities at tourists' destinations have also particularly tried to provide a comfortable accommodation which caters for tourists from the different economic background. The middle class tourist is provided with small and medium range hotels which offers him comfort at a very affordable rate. Lounges are also relatively reasonable to ensure comfort at a reasonable rate.


The rich and the affluent tourists are provided top notch five star hotels which offer 'home-like' services. These five star hotels and accommodation facilities provide these wealthy tourists exclusive services which make them feel most comfortable. It is one thing for the hotels and accommodation facilities to be comfortable and affordable, and it is another thing for people to be aware of the existence of such hotels and accommodation facilities. .

To ensure people get to know about the existence of these hotels and accommodation facilities, blog reviews are vital. Blog reviews ensure people know, see, read about these hotels and accommodation facilities. Blog reviews put these hotels out for tourists to see. For these reviews to be out there, for tourists to see and for the reviews to reach wider audience, the internet is vital. The internet is a global village where everybody accesses all sorts of information.

Another means of getting these information out to tourists is by making accommodation and hotel brochures, fliers and booklets available at airports, bus stations and train stations where tourists frequent. It is not about putting the information out for tourists to see alone, it is also about putting correct and detailed information out for them to see. The information should be correct and detailed enough to answer the tourists' questions. The information should contain important details about it the hotel and accommodation facilities. Details like rate of room, types of rooms available, catering services, transportation facilities, correct address and contact, etc.

Another important thing which should be included in the information which will either arouse the interest of the tourist or put him off is the services offered at the hotel or accommodation facility When one hotel offers promotions, discounts, night parties, joint tour round the city, casinos, etc. it attracts the tourist to the hotel or accommodation facility. Information about the environment the hotel is situated is also important.
Extra information about the significant tourist destination around the area should also be included both on the internet and in brochures. These not only help the hotel or accommodation facility attract tourists to itself, it also promotes the tourist destinations. As a tourist, you can find out about hotels and accommodations, tourist destinations, beautiful sites and sceneries to visit on many available websites. These websites suggests sites and sceneries which attracts tourists.

Asides from the fact that these websites directs tourists to tourist destinations, they also suggest the best hotels and accommodation facilities in the area which are reasonable affordable and offer world class services to tourists. Blog reviews provide tourists with links to access those websites. Blog reviews, as mentioned earlier plays a major role in the tourism industry because it offers all sorts of information to tourists and help tourists track down which of the tourist destinations, hotels and accommodation facilities is the best to visit. You can find out more information on kandoo adventures

These blog reviews also provides the inks of websites with travel packages for many countries around the world that one could visit for the perfect vacations. It would be of an immeasurable advantage for tourists to read blog reviews.